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Anti Rust Windsurfing Mast Bases Universal Compatibility Easy To Install
  • Anti Rust Windsurfing Mast Bases Universal Compatibility Easy To Install

Anti Rust Windsurfing Mast Bases Universal Compatibility Easy To Install

Brand Name windsurfing mast, bases
Product Details
Anti-corrosion, Anti-rust, Shockproof
Product Name:
Windsurfing Mast Bases
Mast Base
1 Piece
High Light: 

Anti rust Windsurfing Mast Bases


Universal Compatibility Windsurfing Mast Bases


Anti rust windsurf mast foot

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Payment Terms
30% deposit in advance
Product Description

Product Description:

Windsurfing Mast Bases are essential parts for any windsurfing enthusiast. These lightweight and easy-to-install mast bases are designed for standard size use, and their silver color ensures a stylish look. Our quality Windsurfing Mast Bases are a perfect choice for all your windsurfing needs. They provide reliable connection between the board and the mast, making sure it stays in place while you are windsurfing. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can trust our Windsurfing Base Connectors to provide the highest level of stability and safety while you enjoy your favorite watersport. With our Mast Bases for Windsurfing, you can be sure that your board will stay secure and that you will have an enjoyable experience. Moreover, our Lightweight Mast Bases are designed to be lightweight and easy-to-install, making them a great choice for everyone.



  • Product Name: Windsurfing Mast Bases
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Color: Silver
  • Package: 1 Piece
  • Type: Mast Base
  • Mounting: Easy To Install
  • Features: Windsurfing Base Connectors, Windsurfing Mast Bases, Mast Bases for Windsurfing

Technical Parameters:

Product Name Technical Parameters
Windsurfing Mast Bases Brand: XYZ
Weight: Lightweight
Features: Anti-corrosion, Anti-rust, Shockproof
Mounting: Easy To Install
Package: 1 Piece
Durability: High
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Color: Silver
Compatibility: Universal


Windsurfing is an exciting sport that has been gaining popularity around the world. Windsurfing mast bases are the essential components of a windsurfing board that provide stability and control in the water. Windsurfing mast bases from Brand Name are designed to be highly durable and corrosion-resistant, made using aluminum alloy. They are ergonomically designed to fit most windsurfing boards, providing shockproof performance and anti-rust protection. These mast bases are also available in a variety of sizes to fit most boards.

The minimum order quantity for Brand Name windsurfing mast bases is 100 pieces. Payment terms are 30% deposit in advance. Each package contains one piece, and they are designed to be easy to install and use.

For those looking for reliable and corrosion-resistant mast bases for windsurfing, Brand Name offers the perfect solution. Our mast bases for windsurfing boards are made from high-quality aluminum alloy, designed to be ergonomic and shockproof. With our minimum order quantity of 100 pieces, you can trust that your windsurfing board will be in great hands.



Windsurfing Mast Bases

Brand Name: Windsurfing Mast, Bases
Minimum Order Quantity: 100
Payment Terms: 30% deposit in advance
Weight: Lightweight
Product Name: Windsurfing Mast Bases
Design: Ergonomic
Durability: High
Mounting: Easy To Install

Windsurfing Mast Bases are designed with lightweight materials for ergonomic design and high durability. They are easy to install and come with Windsurfing Base Connectors for a secure connection. Our Windsurfing Mast Bases are the perfect solution for your windsurfing needs, offering a safe and secure connection for your windsurfing equipment.


Support and Services:

Windsurfing Mast Bases Technical Support and Service

We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible technical support and service for our Windsurfing Mast Bases. Our dedicated team of experts are available to help you with any questions or issues you may have regarding our products.

We provide detailed product instructions, along with a comprehensive troubleshooting guide to ensure that you get the most out of your Windsurfing Mast Bases. If you are still having trouble, our customer service team is available to assist you via phone, email, or live chat.

We also offer a comprehensive warranty service for all our customers. If any of our Windsurfing Mast Bases have been subject to a manufacturing defect or failure, we will replace it free of charge.

For more information about our Windsurfing Mast Bases technical support and service, please contact us today.


Packing and Shipping:

Windsurfing Mast Bases are packaged and shipped in a cardboard box sealed with packing tape. The box is labeled with the product name and the shipping address. Inside the box, the windsurfing mast bases are surrounded by foam padding to prevent any damage during shipping. The box is then placed into a larger shipping box, along with other materials such as bubble wrap or foam sheets to further protect the product. The package is then ready for shipping.



Q1: What is the Brand Name of the Windsurfing Mast Bases?

A1: The Brand Name of the Windsurfing Mast Bases is Windsurfing Mast Bases.

Q2: What is the Minimum Order Quantity of the Windsurfing Mast Bases?

A2: The Minimum Order Quantity of the Windsurfing Mast Bases is 100.

Q3: What are the Payment Terms for the Windsurfing Mast Bases?

A3: The Payment Terms for the Windsurfing Mast Bases is 30% deposit in advance.

Q4: What material is the Windsurfing Mast Bases made from?

A4: The Windsurfing Mast Bases is made from high quality aluminum alloy.

Q5: What is the size of the Windsurfing Mast Bases?

A5: The Windsurfing Mast Bases is 75mm in length and 50mm in width.

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